Chairperson’s message

Trust, Talent, Innovation and Passion

Chairperson’s Message

Witnessing the remarkable Globe overall development has been an exciting experience, we are fortunate to live in one of the world’s fastest growing economies that is characterized by increasingly diverse markets and infrastructure development. Amongst, Myanmar, our Land, is a country blessed not only with great natural resources but also with visionary leadership and roadmap for economic and social prosperity.
Al Noor Company Limited has been able to contribute significantly to this growth throughout a decade it has been operating and we will always make every effort to play our part in driving success and economic stability and sustainability.

It is with my immense pleasure to welcome you to the official web portal of Al Noor Company Limited.
Thank you for your interest in Al Noor Co Ltd. and we encourage you to explore our website, from the list of our products, achievements and to have an insight into our exceptional performance in the realms of in the Industry.
From a small start in 2011, with the blessings of the most merciful God, and the trust and supports from our precious Clients & partners, the company assets and resources grown to undertake an active role among reputable Organization locally and internationally. Our successful past is a significant land mark of our professionalism & excellent Management Systems.
By recognizing that our customers work in a dynamic environment and that they need more than just products and services, several innovative solutions have been introduced by Al Noor to enhance customer Quality and Experience.
As a Qualified, competent, innovative, veteran in the field with commitment, dedication, passion and consistent reliability to our valued Customers, make our value competitive. The ever changing market’s demands were met with our combined strength in sound technical team management and efficient resource allocations for each field. At the heart of our company is a strong commitment to provide our Clients an optimum world class distinguished products and services by technical and management expertise.
As always we look forward to hearing your feedback on “how we can be of the best to you and your company” as we seek to fulfill our mission, which is to provide Quality Products and Services in each Solutions while maintaining high standards of Quality, Safety, Environment and Value Technology for the benefit our Clients, Nation and Society through professionalism, ethics & quality.
I reassure and express my gratitude to all my clients and well-wishers that we have been playing our part sincerely in the development of the company as well as in the larger interests towards the economic progress of the Union of Myanmar and Globe.
Thanks to our precious Clients & loyal team of workers and professionals. We have succeeded in proving that we can deliver what we promise, which we can rise to the challenge and excel in our performance to the satisfaction of our clients.
I would like to take this opportunity to pledge that I and the Al Noor team will endeavor to devote our full efforts to exceed our Client’s expectations & fully satisfy their needs and requirements. Also to thank you for being an undeniable cause in our growth and success and we look forward to continually serve your needs.
At our web site, we welcome your comments and we’d be pleased to respond to your requests for more information about us and how we can help you succeed.

Myat Myat Linn