SAE 30/SAE40

Futrol Marine Oil

Performance Benefits

This modern additive technology used in this oil provides superior engine cleanliness & protection. This oil is available in SAE 30 & 40 viscosity grades with a BN (Base Number) of 12 to 20. These oils exhibit a high degree of water tolerance and meet the performance requirements of API CF.

Available Packing
  • Recommended for medium speed engines used in marine, power generation and industrial applications operating on distillate fuels having sulphur contents up to 1.5%. This product is also suitable for order engines where liner-lacquer is not a potential problem.
  • Oils of appropriate BN to be chosen based on the sulphur contents of fuel used. Follow manufactures’ recommendation for selection of suitable BN level/ viscosity grade.
  • Also recommended for general lubrication of shipboard equipment where specialized lubricants are not required or use of API CF quality oils are adequate.
1Ltr, 4 Ltr, 5 Ltr, 20 Ltr, & 208 Ltr.