Futrol Multi Grade Semi Synthetic Engine Oil

Performance Benefits

This is superior quality multi grade engine oil with new conception, formulated with premium base stocks and additive. This high performance lubricant made by Semi Synthetic technology in our state of the art manufacturing facility and it is specially development for Gasoline and Diesel car engines, meeting and complying with the requirements of the latest direct injection engines and conventional engines as well.

Futrol Multi Grade Semi Synthetic Engine Oils are blended from semi synthetic base stocks, with detergent dispersant, anti-oxidant and anti-wear additives, which provide good protection against sludge and corrosion.

Available Packing
  • Recommended for all Gasoline and Diesel engine in cars and light industrial vehicles
  • All turbocharged and multi-valued engines.
  • Suitable for most severe operating conditions, on road, Off Road, Dense city traffic & in extreme weather conditions
  • It provides effective protection against oxidation, wear and corrosion under high temperature operations and remains a stable multi grade engine oil.

1Ltr, 4 Ltr, 5 Ltr, 20 Ltr, & 208 Ltr.